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Wall Street’s “Not So” Hidden Agenda

In yet another example of Wall Street’s unbridled greed, the US Attorney has charged 4 Hedge Fund managers with insider trading. (

This incident, like the others before and many, many more to come shows Wall Street’s hidden agenda. The scary thing here is how these thieves seem to show a blatant disregard and lack of respect for the abilities of the authorities responsible for investigating their crimes. They seem to feel they are invisible to detection, impervious to justice and unbound by their oath.

Instead of following through with their responsibility of making money for you, their customers, Wall Street is focused on making money for themselves even if it is off of you! We have known about this agenda for quite some time but now, Wall Street has become so bold and brazen that they feel they no longer even have to hide their real agenda.

As many different and creative ways that we have seen so far in terms of how Wall Street is betraying us, there is one common thread…….an insatiable greed that has no bounds and ignores duty and responsibility. As I have observed for many years and have been screaming about for almost as long, Wall Street is not on your side…..they are not your teammate! As a matter of fact, quite often and without you knowing, they are your competitor!

This is why, as an investor, you need to learn how to invest for yourself.