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Wall Street is Not Your Friend

Wall Street Is Not Your Friend 

One of my little sayings is “Wall Street makes money OFF you….NOT for you! I have been saying this for years now and I am not sure how many individual investors have been listening to me! Finally, someone that most of you listen to is blowing the horn that I have been carrying for all these many years! Warren Buffet has something to say about this very matter. Click the link below to read what he has to say about this!

Wall Street and Wall Streeters always make money for themselves mainly due to their fees and commissions, not due to trading profits. Look at how much your funds have made you over the last 10 years versus how much money your fund manager has made from you charging you 2% a year!!! This is exactly why you need to take matters into your own hands and handle your investing yourself! A year or so ago I ran a class entitled “Hire Yourself..Fire Your Fund Manager” which shows you exactly how to do that! I think that the recording is available on our site.

This articles shows that at least one person that we all presume is in the know agrees with me!!!